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Things to consider before applying for contract hire car leasing or finance.

When applying with us, once you give us your consent, your details may be used for a "soft credit search" which you can see but lenders can't. Your chance of approval will be based on this search. However, with us, this will not affect your credit score.

1. Your Status

On Benefits
Self Employed
Housewife or husband
More than 2 incomes in household
2. Your Income
On Benefits
Earn less than £1000 per month
Earn less than £1500 per month
Earn less than £2000 per month
Earn less than £3000 per month
Earn over £3000 per month
3. Driving Licence
Full UK
Provisional UK
EU Licence
International Licence
No Licence
4. Job History
In current job less than 1 year
In current job less than 3 years
In current job more than 3 years
In current job more than 6 years
5. Residence
Homeless / No Fixed Address
Temporary Accommodation
Living with Partner
Living with Parents
6. Residence History
Recently moved to the UK
In current address less than 1 year
In current address less than 3 years
In current address more than 3 years
In current address more than 6 years
7. UK Electoral Register
On UK Electoral Register more than 3 years
On UK Electoral Register less than 3 years
Not on the UK Electoral Register
8. Marital Status
9. Banking & Credit
No Credit Cards
Have Credit Cards and regularly default
Have Credit Cards and pay regularly
No Loans
Have Loans and regularly default
Have Loans and have no defaults
Have Overdraft Facility and use it frequently
Have Overdraft Facility and use it sometimes
Have Overdraft Facility and do not use it
Have Mortgage and no defaults
Have Mortgage and regularly default
10. Finances
Was on an IVA and it is now settled
Was on a Debt Management Plan
Currently on an IVA
Currently on a Debt Management Plan
Currently Bankrupt
Discharged from Bankruptcy
Recent CCj's for loans or credit cards
Recent  CCj's for other reasons
Recent  CCj's for mobile phone payments
No CCj's or anything of the above
On a Trust Deed (Scotland only)
On a Trust Deed (Scotland only)


Time4leasing Car Leasing Credit Check Forum

Questions & Answers about Credit Checks QuestionHello I want some information about this car Fiat 500 1.2 Lounge Start Stop (Good or Poor Credit History) Car Leasing Is this car is available? Is this car is breakdown cover for the lease time? How many miles it has? Is it in warranty? How long it will take to deliver? Thanks

AnswerThe Fiat 500 1.2 Lounge mentioned is just one of many Fiat 500 models that are on offer. All cars come with an extra 3 month warranty so if in the rare likely hood there was a problem with the car you will be covered and your car sorted out.

QuestionDoes it matter that I have poor credit history?

AnswerNo it does not matter, because we have partners and lenders that will provide a solution to our customers not only if they have poor credit history but even if they have bad credit history. The only time our partners that handle the finance side of the lease will not approve is when the the customer is bankrupt and if they have serious issues with their credit history like if they are not paying their current loans, etc.

QuestionMy bad credit is from the past when I was younger and did stupid things. I have sorted things out now and keep up with all my bills and payments. Would I still be able to have a car from yourselves?

AnswerWe consider everyone as we have partners and brokers that can tap into a panel of 200 plus lenders so we have a solutions for everyone. Well almost everyone.

QuestionWhy is a soft credit search so important to my application, instead or a full search that other companies want to do?

AnswerWhen applying for any type of finance whether its Car Leasing or traditional Hire-Purchase, most providers will conduct a full credit check on your file to look in detail at your financial history. However, if you are looking to compare a range of financial products across a variety of lenders, having your credit file searched too many times can prove to be a problem. That’s why here at Time4leasing we only work with providers that perform a soft credit search. I guess you would like to know how does it all work?

QuestionYes, I'd like to know the difference with a soft search that your company and partners will do verses other companies that do a full credit check and how it affects my credit file?

AnswerThe reason most companies will credit check their customers in full is so to find out how reliable the finance provider can expect you to be when it comes to paying off your finance deal. In a way they are also assessing their customers to see if they match the type of customer profile that they are after.

QuestionWhy do they do this?

Answer These companies will conduct a thorough check on your financial history before agreeing to any finance arrangement. Probably to also access the level of risk and adjust the interest rate you will have to pay or even disapprove you without any explanation. The big issue is that when they perform this check, it will be recorded on your credit file, leaving what is known as a “footprint”.

QuestionWhat is the problem if I get lots of these footprints on my credit file?

AnswerIf a finance provider sees that you have had many checks on your file, they may begin to suspect that you are “desperate” for credit, and also you are a potential financial risk to the provider. This can lead to your finance application being refused or they tend to increase the interest rates making the car leasing monthly payments more expensive.

QuestionSo are you saying that there will be a potential problem caused by multiple credit checks on my credit file and me loosing out searching for the best finance deal?

AnswerSurely as a customer, you want to try and find the best possible deal for your financial circumstances without the risk of your credit file been damaged?

QuestionHow can I compare multiple providers without jeopardising my future finance applications?

AnswerHere at Time4leasing when you give your approval our partners will carry out a “Soft Credit Search”, also known as a “Quotation Credit Search”. Instead of examining your full credit file, they look at the most important aspects that could affect your car leasing finance application. So instead of raking through your entire history like other companies will do, our partners will just work out what’s important to their panel of lenders.

QuestionWhat happens then when you just conduct a soft search to provide me the best possible car leasing finance deal?

AnswerOnce the soft search has been completed, our partners compare it with 90+ lenders to see what car finance deal they can find for you. They will then bring the available deals to you which you then decide whether you want to proceed. However, this is only conducted once and not multiple times as outlined in the above info you were provided. Once you have agreed, your application is sent onto the lender who will then conduct a full credit check. Soft credit searches are noted on your credit file as an enquiry. But because they don’t examine your full credit history, finance providers will not be able to see them on your file.

QuestionWhat does that all mean for me?

AnswerWith our services you will receive the best possible car leasing offer than anywhere else. You are free to compare with other companies but with us, you have come to the right place when it comes to the cheapest possible prices and the best possible service in the UK.


QuestionHi I've sent a request and had email back said to contact you on here.

AnswerI believe you have already applied and although we help people with bad credit history it seems it needs to be a little bit better for us to be able to find a suitable lender to finance the lease side of the vehicle. You need to sort this out and then you may reapply in a few months time.

QuestionWe applied but there was no outcome, my advisor recommended a guarantor but said if we couldn't find one to get back in touch.

AnswerIf a customer has really bad credit history and no one will lease them a car, at least we can offer an alternative where you can use a guarantor which in a way is better than nothing. It is up to you how you proceed.


QuestionHello I have made an enquiry regarding leasing a seat Ibiza. My email states if no one has contacted me in 3 hours to message you via face book. I have a poor credit profile and now find myself in an excellent financial position after changing my career into practice management. Due to my bad credit rating I cannot get HP or even PCP. Therefore my only other option is to enquire about leasing. I would be grateful if someone could kindly contact me to see what options are available.

AnswerLeasing a car is like renting it. The main finance product is Contract Hire and that require excellent credit history score. I think you have mixed things up. If you cannot get approved for even HP "Hire Purchase" then you must have some serious issues with your credit history. Did you try out our online free credit history check and see how you score?

QuestionNo I didn't, but tried it just now and I can see where I am failing. What do I do now?

AnswerYou could lease the car in a family and or a friend's name as we offer "accommodation leasing" where someone with really bad credit history leases the car in someone else's name and then the payments come out of your bank account. Obviously you want to keep up the payments as you do not want to upset your family member or friend. I guess you best pick a car that you can afford and apply online.


QuestionHi can you please get hold of me please?

AnswerHi, please check your email now for an update. please give the team until this afternoon to see what solution they can come up with. If you run into any problems do let me know.

QuestionYeah just got a email but is it true I don't have to pay a deposit?

AnswerThe norm is unemployed need to have at least good credit history. Employed can have bad credit history as long as they earn more than £1000 a month after tax, National Insurance and any benefits. I'm afraid your case is not the norm. Probably the team will look into a joint application with your partner. Is this ok?

QuestionYeah that's fine I just need a car as iv just passed my practical driving test if you know what I mean.


QuestionHi I have not received a confirmation email. I am looking for a new car asap.

AnswerHi, I found your application. Cannot see you getting any decent car for just £100 if you have bad credit history and no deposit. The Focus deal would work out something like £200 to £250 a month and that is for a used car approx 4 years old. For £150 a month probably a car like a Corsa or similar. Can you afford this?

QuestionDo you not contact people over the phone?

AnswerYes of course we contact people over the phone once they have qualified the first stage.

QuestionWhat's the first stage I need to qualify? I much prefer to be dealt with over the phone.

AnswerYou said your budget is £100 a month. Answer the question please. Can you afford £150 to £200 a month?

QuestionI put £150 in my application. The focus said from £97 hence the £100 would have been perfect. I do prefer to keep it low as would most people.

AnswerSure £97, but that will be plus vat. Everyone pays the vat. However at that price it is for people that have excellent credit history. You don't and the price will be higher due to the increase in the interest rate. I'm afraid you did not put £150 a month. You said £100 and that is why I am not trying to raise your hopes but to be realistic about what you can have. If you can afford £150 a month then please except an email in a few minutes with an update

QuestionSorry didn't see it was plus vat. If I could talk to someone about circumstances and budgets over the phone then this would be a lot easier and more professional than messaging over facebook.

AnswerPlease check your email for an update. You will be able to talk to someone once they have looked at your application This can take approx up to 3 hours from this moment. Please be patient.


QuestionHow long does it take for someone to get back to me after filling out form on your website

AnswerNormally it takes just half an hour, sometime even just a few minutes if it is during office hours. However as we do not know what your credit history is like this can take longer. If you have not been contacted by an advisor by tonight then message me and I will fast track you.

QuestionOk thanks it was yesterday I filled in the form I did get a reply from someone think it was one of your agents but I did not fill a form in for them.

AnswerThey are one of our agents. We have 17 agents around the country. Any reason you don't want to use them? or would you like to try with someone else? please advise.

QuestionNo it's ok did not know you were the same company. Your site says Nissan juke £167.99 but got reply from hippo and it's jumped up to £208 for a used one?

AnswerHi Ian, on our website there are 51 offers for the Juke starting price is £167.99 to £467.99 NOT ONE model is the same as the other. The price you were quoted sounds right which depends on your credit score as the APR varies and type of car leasing agreement. If you want a brand new Juke, Nissan dealership requires excellent credit history and normally 6 up front as a deposit which lowers the monthly payments. Where, if you would like the Juke at approx £167 a month and pay a very low deposit we have another agent who can offer you this but it will be an ex demo and slightly used one. 2012 reg done 24k miles. This is the model Nissan Juke 1.5 Dci Acenta [sport Pack] 6sp Blutooth Usb Aux. Guide price is £167 a month. What would you like new or ex demo?

QuestionThe £208 was b4 I was credit scored I'm not bothered if it's new I was also looking at the Astra how much are they

AnswerThe Astra previous model is at £95 a month, £144 - £195 for new shape. Prices based on £595 deposit and 47 payments. Prices a bit higher if you pay no deposit. Prices for new shape are for 2 year old and perfect condition and with lifetime warranty or 100,000 miles. Please advise.

QuestionIs it possible to go for the lowest priced Astra or ford focus sorry for being such a pest

AnswerYou are best to contact your account manager and swap the car choice.


QuestionHi I am very interested in at leasing I have bad credit but I have regular income and I work for the NHS. I sent an application but didn't receive the e mail sent.

AnswerHi, please check your email now for an update. please give the team until this afternoon to see what solution they can come up with. If you run into any problems do let me know.

QuestionHi Steve I don't have anything in my e mails is there any chance someone could call me?

AnswerHi, I have notified your personal customer advisor who handle the finance side of the car lease to make contact with you. Apologies for the delay.

QuestionHi I have spoken to my advisor but they do not offer leasing for people with bad credit. Is there anything else you guys can offer?

AnswerThat is not true. Of course we try and provide solutions to all our customers even if they have bad credit history. How bad is your credit history? was it something in the past and it is sorted now or do you still have issues outstanding?

QuestionI still have a lot of outstanding issues although I do have a regular good wage with the NHS

AnswerWe could try with one of our other suppliers. Shall we try?

QuestionYes please


QuestionHi I am looking to lease a car or hire long term I've been on your website and I like the prices for the cars, I have filled the application but no one has got back to me?

AnswerHi, please check your email now for an update. You will probably be contacted Monday when the offices are open.

QuestionI've been contacted but was told that I was not accepted.

AnswerI've just checked the systems and I'm afraid we could not find a suitable lender to finance the lease side of the vehicle. Not sure why but could be because you need to improve your credit history. Saying that, you can lease a car in someone else's name and the payments come out of your bank account. Would you like us to make such an arrangement?

QuestionDidn't know you could do that. Yes please.


QuestionWhy was I not approved?

AnswerHave you lived and worked in the UK for at least 3 years or more?

QuestionYes, I live in the UK 3 years but I work 2 years and only recently got on the elections role register. Why you ask?

AnswerYou need to be on the UK Elections Registration for at least 3 years or more. Are you?


AnswerYou will need to be on the UK Elections Registration and able to vote first for at least 3 years before you can apply with us for car leasing. I'm sorry that is the rules for everyone.

QuestionOk, no problem. Have a good day!


QuestionI have just applied online and I didn't get a confirmation email as you state.

AnswerHi, I will send you your confirmation email. However our partners who handle the finance side of the car lease say that they did not find any lender to accommodate this. You also say you have no driving licence, is this true?

QuestionMy partner has a licence. I don't, is there anything I can do? I'm actually not sure if my credit is poor?

AnswerThe rules are if you do not have a driving licence then you need to have good credit history as our lenders do not mind if you do not have a driving licence if you have good credit history and even if you do not work. However, if you have bad credit history then you do have to have a driving licence or someone else can lease the car for you and the payments will come out of your bank account.


QuestionI have applied for a lease but credit lender partners have said there are no available lenders. What shall I do next?

AnswerOur systems are saying that you are still with the underwriter and as it is Sunday it would be probably Monday with a final decision is made. When you say you have poor credit history is that really poor or very bad? also is your address details correct? that can effect the outcome.

QuestionIts poor, its sitting about 468 score. My partner has also submitted a request but I would of rather had it in my name. My partner has just been approved by you!

AnswerGood to hear your partner got approved. When you are contacted by your customer advisor you can discuss maybe a joint application?

QuestionHow would that work? Would they need to re-credit check?

AnswerNo credit check was made. A provisional automated scoring system was executed. I see she is a homeowner lived there more than 4 years, etc. Just looking at that she seems to be the one with the better credit score. I'm afraid not all advisors work on a Sunday and it might be Monday when they contact you if they do find a suitable lender to finance the lease side of the vehicle. As a backup plan it would be your partner that leases the car and she might like to ask her advisor if you can be on the application too? Otherwise you need to speak to your advisor if you want to finance a car on your own.


QuestionHi, I tried to call to discuss about my recent application but got directed to your facbeook page. Would someone be able to call me back to discuss my application? I've not got a driving license but would be leasing the car on behalf of my partner who has a full license, would this be a problem?

AnswerHi, please check your email for an update. Yes you can lease a car in one person's name and have the payments come out from someone else's as long as you have their consent, but you will need to speak to one of our advisors first.


QuestionI've seen on your website a Nissan GT-R, would like to discuss more about this and ideally lease it from you. Please contact me.

AnswerI'd like to point out that to be able to lease a car like this a minimum £3500 NET monthly income and a good or excellent credit history will be required.

QuestionIs this the same for business use?

AnswerFor business user the lease would be taken out in the director's name and needs to have excellent credit history. However if it is anything else like fair or poor then the same rules apply where the payments cannot be more than approx 20% of the customers net monthly income. In your case it would be £260 maximum a month. The GT-R costs from £697 a month (inclusive of vat). You can try to lease or hire purchase something cheaper up to the value of £260 a month payments.

QuestionThanks for that, makes things clearer. Is there nothing you guys can do for me? I'm happy to put down a £3-4k initial payment of it helps.

AnswerI have just spoken with one of our sales advisors, and he says it will depend on the customer’s credit rating. If they are prime, then they don’t have a set percentage of the salary that the payment has to be. If they are sub-prime (bad credit leasing), then the 25% of the salary comes into effect. The best thing would be for them to apply and speak with a customer advisor. Hope that helps. If you need anything else, let me know.

QuestionCan you give us a price on how much a Fiat 500L would cost on purchase hire? Thanks

AnswerYes, the Fiat 500L is within the price range that would be available to you.


QuestionHello, I'd like a Range Rover or Discovery 4x4. My partner is a child minder and will be a joint car. Prefer something economic too.

AnswerAs you have bad credit history, you will be contacted by one of our affiliate partners who can help you.

QuestionI will be complaining about your company to trading standards and the financial ombudsman as your website does not clearly state that you are a broker that passes on details to a third party credit company.

AnswerI can reassure you that is not the case. We are very clear about how we work. Of course we are brokers and not any old broker, we are probably the cheapest on the internet. The first thing you will read at the top of this page is that we say that time4leasing is 50% cheaper than any car dealer.

QuestionPlease delete all of my details you hold and do not pass on my personal information to any one else. Should you do this, I will summons you to court for breaches of date protection should I be contacted by any other company who state they have been given my details from yourselves.

AnswerYour details have been deleted and no one will be contacting you ever again. You are missing the point, we are car leasing and car finance brokers. That is how we work and we find our customers the best possible car at the best possible price. Sorry to see you go, you loose. Not us. Have a good day.

QuestionI screwed up, sorry for the problems I caused you.

AnswerNo worries, however I'm afraid we deleted your details and we will not be contacting you.


QuestionHello I have bad credit history and I will be using the car to work and school runs, I do roughly 20000 miles a year.

AnswerWith our cars, you can do what ever you like with them, specially if you lease a car with a HP agreement as we can offer you unlimited miles.

QuestionI'm confused as to how it says the price is £76 to lease on your website but the deal you sent me said it is £165 it's a big difference, are you able to offer me anything like your first deal but for £100 to £120 a month please doesn't have to be brand new but newish please?

AnswerPrices are based on the customer's credit history score. If you reload the page with the Corsa's the price is from £76 if you are a business, vat registered and have excellent credit history. If you scroll down the list of offers you will spot the offer which is for people with bad credit history which starts at £138 or more depending on how bad your credit history is like. You are best to contact Karen, I'm sure she will do you a good deal.


QuestionHi, I want to lease a car, I'm unemployed and do not have an income, I live on benefits and want a car to try and find work.

AnswerThe only time we would consider leasing a car to someone unemployed is if they have good credit history and or they live with someone else that is an income earner, like your partner, husband or wife.

QuestionHi yet again no call back when your site states within 3 hours now been about 4 days and nothing when one of your partners could be bothered to call with an option I may consider I can only think that it is down to my unemployment and poor credit which your site claims can help that I am not important enough?

AnswerIdeally someone should have contacted you to let you know that to be able to lease any vehicle with bad credit history you will need to be employed and prove affordability. The only time a customer can be unemployed and be able to lease a car is if they have good credit history. I'm afraid we cannot find a suitable lender to finance the lease side of the vehicle for you.

QuestionYes would have been nice to be contacted even though that is the case obvious not important enough for even a call to say so discrimination comes to mind and your site should have explained this as it allowed me to select these options but I take it the little people don't count and the terms as you explained them should be visible or explained on your site when this option is chosen if people cant be bothered to call back so I will take this up with trading standards and the papers.

AnswerI can reassure you we do explain this. Like in this forum, but as the spectrum of car leasing is massive, I cannot see how anyone could read all this information. We are always glad to help our customers before or after they have applied. On the application form, there are help buttons and it does explain that you cannot be unemployed and lease a car. However, you can lease a car in someone else's name, obviously have their approval and the payments can come out of your bank account if you wish.


QuestionMy miles per year are approximate 12 to 15.000 possible 5 year package so own car at end of lease, can you help me?

AnswerYes we can, you will be contacted by your personal customer advisor.

QuestionHi Steve, yes I have spoken to Alastair from your finance department and he said he will have to do a credit check which I thought your Web site said not necessary?

AnswerNo we do not credit check when you submit the form, if that is what you mean. However, to proceed further into the application a check will be needed to clarify your details, credit history and for antifraud measures, etc. How else will they be able to get you a firm offer?

QuestionI've seen on other websites that they do not credit check and do non status car leasing. Can you do this?

AnswerLeasing or financing a car via a company that will not credit check whatsoever will charge you an astronomical price. The payments will probably be double or even more. Some charge 50% or more APR. That is the price to pay for this service.

QuestionOops didn't know that. So are you saying if I give my approval to be credit searched I will get a better price from you?

AnswerIf you look at some of the examples we promote, you will see you can have a small city car (use and in good condition) for as little as £139 a month and for something like a family car, £150 to £200 a month. Just make contact again with your personal customer advisor and they will help you out.


QuestionHi I'd like to lease a Diesel, Automatic Budget up to £600/ month 3 year lease options? BMW 3 Series, BMW 5 Series, BMW X5, Range Rover Sport Merc C Class, Merc E Class, Dodge Nitro.

AnswerHaving submitted your application for the Mercedes, although we help people with bad credit, I'm afraid we could not find a lender that would finance the car lease side of the vehicle. This could be because you are not currently on the UK Elections Role, you have patchy address details or you have something in your credit file that you will need to address before you can apply again in approx. 3 months. Are you aware of any of the above issues?

QuestionPossibly it has to do with my address details. I'm a contractor so have multiple addresses depending on where I am. At the moment, I'll have 3 likely as not.

AnswerYou need to show 3 years address history, ideally not moved more than once a year as this does not go down well with any lender.


QuestionI am currently on motorbility with Nissan, however I have been reassessed and will go on to low personal independence payment end of march, therefore having to return car in early April. Have deposit and a guaranteed fixed amount of money monthly to pay for a low, cost and used vehicle, which I feel could be my best option for now, plus guarantor. Can you help?

AnswerIf you have poor or bad credit history then our partners would look into a sub prime car lease finance solution and you would have a good chance of getting a car with the guarantor route providing they were happy to have it all in their name bar the DD. If you have excellent or good credit history the route will be with a prime lender and you should be OK regardless if you are employed or have a disability.


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